For the next 10  weeks we’ll be exploring the Top 10 reasons to let go of change management. In fact, we have decided as a team and professional consulting firm to make this topic our priority blog topic and conversation… again.

Why? Because change management is dead.

It’s not resting.  It’s not stunned.  And it’s not gravely wounded.  It is deceased.

And you’ve been suspecting that’s the case, but hey, there is a lot invested in this thing; which makes it hard to let go.  But it is time to Let Go of Change Management and embrace something that powerfully shifts your company’s success.

The time has come for ‘Business Transformation’ and a new view. Change management requires total overhaul – a completely different model that has produced outcomes which were not possible inside the formula of change management.

For the next 10 weeks we’ll share some of the unmistakable truths about change management that have caused you more than a little pain and frustration. In other words we will explore some things you already know and have lived regarding the failure of change management. This content comes from our over-fifteen years of experience in change implementation and is drawn from some of our past blogs, workshops and keynotes.  All of which will be explored in depth in our upcoming half-day intensive.

Why Let Go of Change Management – Top 10 – #1: Change Management Equals No Change

Here’s the traditional change management Formula:

  1. Pick a new future.
  2. Figure out where you are now
  3. Gap Analysis
  4. Take action to close the gap.
  5. Pray for the best…knowing there is a better than 2 in 3 chance that you fail.

Oh, there’s actually a 6th which is not mentioned in literature reviews or MBA programs…

6. Blame the plan, the people, the consultant, the lack of resources, or the leadership when the change fails.

For an approach that makes logical sense, the only problem is that it doesn’t actually do what we want it to do!

Then why do organizations, big and small, old and new, corporate and government and not-for-profit, continue to go to a bankrupt approach?

Because, as Albert Einstein so eloquently says, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Put another way, at the organizational level, we cannot solve our problems with the same culture we used when we created them.” And it is that exact same culture which is about to implement the plan.

You and your organization are good at steps 1 through 3… OK, some of us aren’t that good at Step 1… but we are all woefully bad at Step 4 and we THINK we’re great at it.  But your strategy for “taking action to close the gap” ends up being the same tired old set of actions (strategies) that your organization didn’t implement the last time you committed to a new vision.

Why?  Because “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”.  And your current culture is going to be the one that implements your strategy.  Which is why change management without a ‘Culture Shift’ is doomed to failure, save the smallest and easiest of changes.

By Vik Maraj and Kevin Gangel – Co-founders, Unstoppable Conversations


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