The whole point of this blog is based on you watching the video below. It is amusing and revealing while simultaneously horrifying. Also, the caveat of this blog is that it is not just some obvious pot-shot at the Harper Government. This is an indictment of public sector leadership, particularly political leadership. Almost always “on point”, “managed”, “justified”, “indignant”, and “righteous” – whether it’s a speech or an interview it is predictable how almost every political leader will show up.

It leaves politicians looking like zombies on autopilot and it leaves citizens as spectators to a formulaic performance they have attended before. Always the hero and full of blame, our political masters drone on and on and on as you enjoy your ringside seat.

No longer do we have men and women to lead us but rather we have robots that manage their communication. Managed to the extent that little if anything that they say is experienced as authentic or heartfelt.

How did we get here and why does this dysfunctional state persist?

The answer lies where you are. That’s right, the answer lies with you. You likely see yourself as having no responsibility in this condition. You’re just a victim of a system that’s broken – right?. Vote ‘em in and vote ‘em out or don’t vote at all.

That’s the popular extent of 99% of people’s participation. All the while hoping someone else will fix everything. Then you’ll fight for “your party”, the right party, while fighting against the other party, the bad one.

Now of course, you likely didn’t have a choice over which party you’ve ended up staking in this bankrupt race.

You probably inherited your political view from your parents or your peers.

You’ve likely done very little critical thinking or exploration of the various parties to land on your own choice.

Much like you inherited your religious views, arrived at by default of location or culture, you’ve likely also inherited your political views.

So what’s my point?

Your View is Inherited, Predictable, and Unconsidered. Click To Tweet

How does you holding onto ‘an accidentally arrived at view’ relate to federal leaders droning on like zombies?

Watch for my next blog.