Last weeks blog was based on this 2:36 minute video. The lack of any real humanity in these clips is mindblowing. I invite you to consider that you have a big part to play in this mind-numbing political facade that we call leadership. Your political view is the fuel for this absurd engine.

Your political view is the fuel for this absurd engine.

If you didn’t play this right-left game and pick a side, these politicians would not need to be predictable and robotic in the way they defend, justify, blame, and be righteous. We perpetuate a broken polarised system and are unconscious as to how thoughtless our acceptance of a left-right view is.

Leaders merely play the game we set up.

The political spectrum, in other words, “right or left” of centre, ensures that any leader who wants to be elected must “pick a side”. As soon as they pick a side, we are either happy or sad and for them, no matter what they say, will get heard by us as “good or bad”.

A word about the fantasy world you live in…

Try on the notion that your political view is “accidental” much like your religious views. Your view is probably a function of where you grew up and/or your parents view. In other words, I am saying that your political view is inherited – just like your religious view. As insulting at this sounds, it is probably accurate. By the way, even if your view is “the opposite” of your parent’s view, it’s no different than if you had adopted their view. Your parents are still at the heart of your decision. You were busy making “damn sure” you are not like them, and yet you are still a “reaction to them”.

So why is your mostly “accidental” political view related to the evolution of the political zombie leader?

Consider that you and others unwitting perpetuate the “made-up” condition called “the left or the right”. In this dumb game, you pick a side and fight those that aren’t “with you”. In other words, you separate yourself from “others” with your inherited view.

There is no political left or right; if you look, you won’t find it. All you’ll notice is people with different views