We made up left or right just like we made up race. It is a human construct that makes it easier to form a clan and point to the “bad ones”. It is simplistic, it divides, and it is dumb.

In my last post, I wrote about our Federal Leadership’s Zombie Apocalypse. I pointed out some glaring truths about how we fuel the engine behind our entirely absurd political spectrum. We pick ‘sides’.

In reality, there are as many views on what’s ‘right’ as there are people. It is you that has accepted the fiction that there are just two – left or right. It is you who perpetuates this myth to your kids, who then grow up to fight a battle that they never started, a battle that is based on a fictitious left and right. They will inherit the same DUMB conversation we inherited and we aren’t any the wiser. Additionally, it is unnervingly likely that our left or right view has an extremely high chance of being related to our parent’s left or right view.

Isn’t it funny that we also see ourselves as unique in so many ways but when it comes to our political view… we box ourselves into one single view? Then we all go out and “Vote” for the same party that has somehow captured all of our interests and against the party that has managed to capture none.

Have you put any real thought into why you drink from the same trough as the other sheep? Click To TweetHave you put any real thought into why you drink from the same trough as the other sheep? [tweetthis]

Consider that an Israeli grows up to think, act, and BE an Israeli because they are raised Israeli and a Palestinian grows up to think, act, and BE Palestinian because they are raised Palestinian. There is no genetic or inherent view that a child is born with. It’s almost all inherited.

Consider that you are no different and consider you don’t even realize it.

Wake the #*&! Up.