Meet Kevin Gangel

Kevin offers 15 years of corporate sales and leadership expertise having managed a multi–million dollar business with a national top 10 professional services firm. He was instrumental is producing annual growth rates of 30-50 percent resulting in seven ‘doubles’ in 10 years, and was a two-time Alberta Venture finalist in both Business Results and Best Workplace categories.

Kevin first flexed his social entrepreneur / intrapreneur muscle by creating the position of national Chief Environmental Officer. During his three years in this post—while working “off the side of his desk”—Kevin explored impact at a larger scale, while still delivering the goods inside his primary accountabilities.

Kevin’s initiative in creating a CxO role drove him to join Canada’s most active angel investing group. He remains an active investor and participant in several green economy startups including Canada’s first-ever social entrepreneur boot camp. Currently, he is working on his own social enterprise: a pre-revenue “real world games” platform aimed at socially oriented environmental transformation.

Kevin also has a broad background in non-profit leadership development, having taught board governance across Alberta for several years as an instructor for the Alberta Board Development Program. Further, as President of an IT professionals’ association, he also initiated and led the transformation of that board from an administrative to a governing model.

In addition to having training and experience in Ontology, Phenomenology, Sales, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Governance, Kevin is a Certified Mediator and Negotiator (ADRIA). Thanks to this rigorous and comprehensive formal training, he occasionally wins arguments with his school–aged children.

Kevin’s primary accountability at Unstoppable, in addition to delivering world-class sessions and keynotes, is creating and connecting a network of clients who are committed to impacting the world from where they are with what they’ve got; and who aren’t satisfied for things to continue along the same path just because that’s how it’s always been.