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Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership

An Ontological / Phenomenological Model

A New Science of Leadership

Unstoppable Conversations is presenting the Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership course for business, organizational, and institutional leaders.

This groundbreaking leadership laboratory uses an ontological / phenomenological method, that ensures that you will naturally act as a leader in any situation, without having to remember what strategies or techniques to apply.

Our promise is that you will leave this course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression.

What participants have said about the course?


To make a difference by taking a stand to influence the world – my world

The Course has awakened my “true spirit” and re-connected [me] to who I am as a leader and to express my leadership as nature intended it to be.

For example – We Dene – knew who we were at one time. With this course, we have a chance to be that Dene again and live with the historical impacts and create a future of integrity.

This course has given me tools to continue the journey of humanity and leadership – To make a difference by taking a stand to influence the world – my world – to pass on this knowledge.


...the opportunity to rise to a new level of possibility and create a real world impact during and ongoing after the course

Steve Whittington , Executive Vice President, Flaman Group of Companies

Being a Leader is an experience that forces you to discover the restraints you have created upon yourself, unshackling your potential. If you do the work, Being a Leader will allow you to create new possibilities for yourself, your family, your organization and your community. In traditional education you hope to apply what was taught and sharpen the saw. Being a Leader challenges you to take your new potential and apply it to a project to gain immediate results, results which were not even in your world of possibility prior. That is the gift of Being a Leader, the opportunity to rise to a new level of possibility and create a real world impact during and ongoing after the course.

In organizational leadership I am active in five organizations as either a board chair, shareholder or operating executive. Believing in the methodology and impact of being a leader, over 50 individuals across the organizations I am involved with have been engaged with the course, coaching or course materials. What I have witnessed in the organizations that embraced the new level of integrity that being a leader creates is outstanding results. Specifically in 2019, two for profit organizations increased their EBIT year over year by 92% and 72% respectfully. A NGO ran a 5% operating surplus while adding in cost of increased employee benefits, retirement funding, staffing merit increases and 15% lower employee churn than industry averages. These results could have occurred in prior years as the management systems and techniques were in place and did not change for 2019, but due to Being A Leader those systems had a new level of integrity, accountability and possibility that allowed the results to occur.

Pick a project, create new possibilities and become a new leader.

What’s different about this course?

Being a leader versus knowing about leadership

Currently, most leadership development is connected to knowing more about leadership, including reading books, taking courses and studying and emulating other leaders. In fact, this kind of memorization-based approach to leadership is consistent with how we were taught to learn.

Are you ever satisfied with what you know?

Do you ever stop searching for answers?

Is it ever enough?

Maybe leadership isn’t a function of what you know.

Today, $170 billion is spent on leadership education, and over 57,000 leadership books are published each year, yet the absence of skilled leadership is one of the most significant challenges businesses and organizations face.

In the ontological / phenomenological model of leadership we’re not interested in what you know. Instead, we look at ways of being that give you access to being a leader and effectively exercising leadership as your natural self-expression.


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What is Ontology?
The science of the nature and function of being.
What is Phenomenology?
A methodology that provides access to being and action as these are actually experienced and lived real time “on-the-court”.