What we do

Solutions aren’t the problem, the implementation is!

Our unique work allows organizations and people to see hidden constraints within their own thinking that have dramatically limited the effectiveness of their people and the resources they already have.

that resulted in a strengthened team and shifted our working relationship

Unstoppable Conversations … is highly skilled at transforming relationships. I reached out to Unstoppable Conversations to lead a critical partnering session between our organization and two other parties who were contractually bound to work together, but whose project aspirations were not aligned. Trust between us was the key ingredient that, sadly, was missing. They navigated us through some difficult but ultimately productive discourse that resulted in a strengthened team and shifted our working relationship - allowing us to move forward. I would highly recommend Unstoppable Conversations to anyone wishing to strengthen relationships through engaging and transformative conversations.

Bill Chomik
Principal at Kasian Architects


What does it take to leave an audience altered? It takes the kind of talk that delivers such a fundamentally penetrating message that you are left compelled to act on what you hear.


We provide our full suite of resources when a group or organization is serious about making meaningful and permanent change; change often at the level of culture.


We create results by accessing collective human intelligence through the use of THE most effective group engagement techniques.  The innovative and potent facilitation/conversational models we use include; Open Space Technology, Dynamic Conversation Circles, Multi-party Conflict Processes, Restorative Justice Structures, and more.


We establish an unprecedented coaching partnership that gives you access to a previously hidden view of yourself and your performance.


We create unprecedented results by infusing the most effective group engagement models in the world with our penetrating understanding of human behaviour.

At stake conversations

Everyone has had situations where something critical is at stake. In almost every situation where something is at stake, both progress or set back primarily occurs within a conversation with another human being.