At-Stake Conversations


In almost every situation where something is at stake, both progress or set back primarily occurs within a conversation with another human being.

When people working together are committed to exceptional results, it is inevitable that at some point their personalities, their cultures, their views – in other words their pasts will collide in ways that they have not encountered before or are not equipped to deal with. These collisions happen at the level of individuals, groups and organizations, putting what’s ‘at-stake’ at risk. We are well known for unlocking conversations that have historically been immovable and have a lot riding on them.

Our ‘At Stake’ Conversations make a difference when your most important conversations are at an impasse or are no longer even happening.

We make a difference when positive results are desired and the relationship needed for those results to happen is missing, ineffective, damaged, or just moving too slowly.

Whenever something important is at stake, it is natural for people to take a position that represents their perceived interest in the matter, AND they reliably fall into one of five identifiable ‘default approaches’ to dealing with conflict. When two or more parties are locked into their position, and are attached to a limited set of options, any solution they arrive at is typically compromised, shallow, and temporary. These compromised solutions usually sow the seeds of the next conflict or roadblock, while masquerading as the desired outcome.

We create safe and authentic environments for communication that allow people’s unsaid past experiences and views of each other to surface and be dealt with effectively. The root conversation that connects them is then identified and stated in such a way that gives all parties the ability to share what really matters to them.

Within this uncommon conversational environment people can freely explore other views, listen beyond their previous limits, and be heard in a way that leaves them validated and open to new ways of thinking.

Common values and interests come into view and rapidly replace the more superficial and obvious differences. Lasting outcomes are generated against this deeply held common ground.

We utilize powerful ontological, behavioural, and facilitative practices for effectively transforming impasses at almost any scale. We are known for unlocking critical conversations that have been historically intractable. In our history, there has been NO situation in which we have ever been stopped in making a significant difference.

Much was learned, much encouragement given

He engaged us - his audience throughout the day. Sharing real experiences and working through it openly. Very positive and personal, easy to listen to. Much was learned, much encouragement given to us all. Will refer Kevin many times. Thank you.

Yvonne Brown