It takes the kind of talk that delivers such a fundamentally penetrating message that you are left compelled to act on what you hear.

This is exactly what you get when we speak. Everything you think, take for granted, and hold “true” about human performance is at risk in our talks.

The result of hearing our ground-breaking content and uncompromisingly authentic delivery is a pathway to human and organizational potential that has likely remained unseen; a pathway that will leave you with a permanent awakening to what lies beyond the ordinariness that most organizations and people tolerate.

It is the kind of opening that transcends motivation and inspires the reinvention of your practices, your communication, and your leadership.

The source of our content is our day-to-day work with groups of people. Every day we engage our training in neuro-science and molecular biology, high-stakes conflict resolution, dynamic group process, systems thinking, and ontology to permanently expand people’s performance. Vik has co-founded and built a, now, 100+ person start-up from the ground up and Kevin has led one of Canada’s top recruiting firms to growth rates of 30% resulting in 7 ‘doubles’ in 10 years and was a two-time Finalist with Alberta Venture. We have a penetrating understanding of what is REALLY between people and performance – and it is not more advice, formulas, or motivation.

Within the last decade we have created transformative shifts in governments, boards, corporations, not-for-profits, rural communities, municipalities, NGO’s (including the United Nations), and people from all walks of life.

From restoring a billion dollar international environmental collaboration to empowering the leadership of Canada’s First Nations to rewriting the future of a small town –our work has transformed what is possible when people come together to fulfill their purpose.

You won’t leave his talks thinking “I heard that before” – you just won’t.

for exploring the bold approach to heaviest but most important battles inside of myself

If you don’t want to complain always about life being unfair to you anymore, you should find the way out of that paradigm. It's not an easy job, it's definitely faraway out of comfort zone, where you will find out what you don’t know, that you don’t know. Crazy enough? In that land of unknown its for sure better to arrive with a good, friendly and loving insider guide. A person whom you will trust deeply and love to see him again.

Thank you VIK for guiding me to better relations with everybody around me and for exploring the bold approach to heaviest but most important battles inside of myself.

I am looking forward to go again a bit further next time!

Robert S
Co-founder Wings4U