We don’t tell you what’s wrong and then fix you – we empower your natural capacity to make the change you want.

When you hold a conversation that gives the freedom and space for everyone to say something real, everyone to have the experience that their concerns and ideas are heard and equally considered, and for all the intelligence to be focused on a common goal, then you get rich, deep, unpredictable data, value, and results.

Within this larger commitment of multiple weeks or months – all the tools of our leadership coaching, facilitation, and full-day workshops come together to impact your organization at the level of culture. It is as much an investment on our part as it is on your part, as we empower you to take on and disrupt the current barrier to your next level of performance. Our primary focus is the development of your leadership such that leaders are left with a profound new capacity to think about, assess, and impact the culture of the organization, themselves, and their own paradigm, and the effective thinking and behaviour of others.

The outcome, ultimately, is developing leaders capable of building other leaders. By focusing not just on leadership, but on creating leaders who can create leaders, we are able to scale the impact and instigate a cultural shift throughout the organization.

We first co-create a common and powerful framework together.  Within this framework for transforming culture, the effectiveness of relationships and communication within the organization, leadership can evaluate and see what is really happening. This framework is constructed through the delivery of a multiple day program, customized to your organizational goals, and supported through an implementation coaching program.  With a common language for talking about what is actually happening our programs take on a completely new level of effectiveness. New, and previously unseen, pathways for addressing old issues emerge rapidly and leaders quickly transform what they are dealing with because they have transformed something for themselves as leaders.

Kevin was the first to to fully engage us on a human level, help us see beyond our self-imposed barriers and communicate on an entirely new and beneficial level.

Kevin Gangel has been an absolutely valuable asset to our company. His innate style of gently coaching us through our preconceptions has created a great deal of freedom and advancement in our daily business activities. Further, and as it coincides with our core business philosophies, Kevin's humanistic approach to business has enabled us to create entirely new realities for our company in a very short period of time.

I have had many consultants come and go through our company that have provided advice in disconnected chunks or have simply relied upon their credentials as the sole validation of their statements. Kevin was the first to to fully engage us on a human level, help us see beyond our self-imposed barriers and communicate on an entirely new and beneficial level. Simply, if you are looking to make a positive and permanent change to your company, look no further."

"If asked, "would you recommend the services offered by Kevin's company", the answer would be a definite and very strong, "YES".

Guy Meyer
CEO - Optilume Engineered Light Corporation

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