Unstoppable Conversations Advanced Leadership

Every leader wants a team fulfilled and present to a sense of purpose. Every leader wants to create and sustain a culture where accountability, high performance, collaboration, and the idea of ‘being of service’ come together. Every leader wants a culture where the team crafts and maintains a uniquely extraordinary environment for breakthrough results. But what every leader wants and what they may find available isn’t always a match. The Unstoppable Advanced Leadership Program empowers participants to bridge this gap with a 3-day program that provides the critical underpinnings of effective, sustainable leadership. Building on what they discovered in the Unstoppable Leadership Program. Leaders will expand their ability to listen and coach people. They will expand their ability to speak and have their words impact another person’s view. And they will expand their relationship to their word such that they show up as a person of integrity, someone who can and should be trusted with anything. This is a 3-day leadership program totalling 21 hours of instruction, delivered in live classrooms or live stream video webinar, or in a combination of the two.

Delivery Partners

Senior Delivery Partners (Primary Instructors)

Senior Delivery Partners have a minimum of 10+ years of delivering professional training and development, and a minimum of 1000 hours of study and practice in specific coaching and facilitation techniques relevant to these courses.

Vik Maraj

Vik Maraj

Vik is a founding partner of Unstoppable Conversations, TEDx speaker, and an internationally recognized coach in leadership and human performance. He has an extensive background in negotiation, conflict management and corporate leadership and has transformed the effectiveness and lives of thousands of leaders around the world.

Kevin Gangel

Kevin Gangel

Kevin is a founding partner of Unstoppable Conversations as well as, an entrepreneur, angel investor and social enterprise champion. He has an extensive background in negotiation, conflict management, sales, corporate leadership, and NPO Governance and is an advocate for the environment, social justice, and corporate social responsibility.

Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy is a Partner at Unstoppable Conversations and stands for Feminine Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise. She has extensive executive coaching experience in human performance, specializing in the areas of leadership, communication and team alignment. Deborah is proud to have transformed the effectiveness of hundreds of leaders in North America.

Delivery Partners (Secondary Instructors)

Delivery Partners (Wendy Schneider, Tanyss Munro, Tabetha White) have a minimum of 2+ years of delivering professional training and development, and a minimum of 400 hours of study and practice in specific coaching and facilitation techniques relevant to these courses.

Course Objectives

  • Mastery in foundational leadership distinctions

  • Mastery in using these tools for business performance and outcomes

  • Mastering leadership with difficult people in difficult situations

  • Mastering what it looks like to lead authentically

  • Performance feedback on real-life leadership actions taken during the program and between program sessions

Intended Learning Outcomes for Module 1

  • Mastering the 6 aspects of Integrity as the foundation of human and organizational performance

  • Bringing integrity into the business at 3 fundamental levels to elevate performance:

    • System Design

    • System Use

    • System Implementation

  • Mastering one’s internal dialogue and elevating communication and performance

Intended Learning Outcomes for Module 2

  • Mastering listening for what people are not saying but nonetheless communicating

  • Mastering listening for the 3 aspects of someone’s communication

  • Mastering your default response when you perceive being threatened

  • Mastering your inauthentic “Winning Formulas” for getting things done

  • Creating new ways of being that can produce new results

  • Expanding your relationship to Responsibility such that you are rarely a victim of anyone or any situation

  • Mastering holding others to account without making them wrong or letting them off the hook

Intended Learning Outcomes for Module 3

  • Mastering your obsession with predicting the future and creating a new space

  • Mastering dealing with failure and choosing “what’s so”

  • Elevating your ability to keep your word through practicing using “existence systems”

  • Mastering living from your commitments, and see what that looks like

  • Mastering having others win, not just you

  • Discovering the inauthentic patterns of groups and how to interrupt them

  • Mastering creating by leaving the past completely out of the equation

How Participants Receive Instruction

The program is presented in person by one or more instructors and can include a combination of  both live classroom training and livestream video webinars for face-to-face interaction. Teaching methods include the following: Presentation of leadership and communication models; Group Inquiry; Pair-work to practice concepts; Socratic method questioning; Individual writing exercises; Role-play.

Module Contents:

Module One

  • Integrity deepened as the foundation for workability

  • The 3 dimensions of organizational integrity

  • The pervasive nature of the Internal Dialogue and transcending it

Module Two

  • Listening for what’s not being said but communicated

  • Discovering the source of being “threatened”

  • Getting to the source of the limited person you have become and going beyond

  • Being a giant of responsibility and what it takes

  • Holding others to account without making a mess

Module Three

  • Freeing yourself to create the future

  • Destroying your default relationship to failure

  • Keeping your word by using “existence systems”

  • Living from your commitments versus your feeling and thoughts

  • Having another’s word be your word

  • Why groups fail and how to interrupt them

A Certificate of Completion is awarded to all participants who complete the twenty-one (21) hours of live, face-to-face training. Participants are required to complete all modules and to complete all requirements in order to be assessed for competency.

Course Structure, Duration and Training hours:

The full program totals twenty-one (21) hours of instruction. This equates to seven (7) hours of live training for each of three modules.

Live classroom instruction

Each module is covered in the course of one day; three modules = three days.

Each instructional day runs from 8:30AM to 4:30PM, with one 30-minute lunch break, one 15-minute morning break, and one 15-minute afternoon break.

Livestream video webinar instruction

When any portion is delivered via livestream video webinar, the instruction can be delivered in one full day, just like live classroom instruction, OR delivered over several weeks in hourly increments.

Total training duration/length: From 3 days to 8 weeks (see explanation above)

Total Training hours: 21 hours

Cost per Person

The cost of the course is $2000 plus GST per participant.

Course Capacity

Min: 12
Max: 56