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Everybody loves to fix what’s wrong. It’s built into our human matrix. We want a straightforward diagnosis and we want a solution built by studying the intricacies of that diagnosis. Often, we even build that solution off of someone else’s success template, hoping if we tweak it as needed to suit our problem, we’ll be right as rain in no time.

The Unstoppable Conversations Corporate Leadership Course doesn’t do that.

Our program empowers your natural capacity to make the change you want—leveraging the skills, experience, and commitment you already have.

The primary focus is the development of your individual and group leadership such that leaders are left with a profound new capacity to think about, assess, and impact the culture of the company. Our starting point? Worldview (mental model or frame of reference) and how it directly affects thinking, behaviour, and results.

The long-term goal is developing leaders who create other leaders.

Collectively, you and those you inspire will take on and disrupt the current barrier to your next level of performance. Together, you will co-create a common and powerful framework for transforming culture. Within this framework, you will evaluate and see what is happening in reality, assessing the current effectiveness of relationships as well as communication within the organization. You will emerge with a common language and context for leadership that empowers handling what is actually happening within the organization.

And this impact is scalable.

By creating leaders who can develop other leaders, our program empowers participants to instigate a cultural shift in their corporate community. You’re able to discover new, previously unseen pathways for addressing old issues—issues which you’re then able to resolve rapidly, clearing the way forward to fulfill on your company’s commitments.

This is a 3-day leadership program totaling 21 hours of instruction, delivered in live classrooms or in a combination of live classrooms and live face-to-face video webinars.



12 participant minimum

Total Cost per participant for Three-Day Course

$667 plus GST /participant/ day


12 – 24 participants

+ up to 4 community partners

$24,000 plus GST for 12 participant

$48,000 plus GST for 24 participants



25 – 48 participants

+ up to 8 community partners

$72,000 plus GST for 36 participants

$96,000 plus GST for 48 participants

2 facilitators = 12-24 participants (+ up to 4 community partners)

Special offers

We value your ability to create partnerships and extend this learning and its benefits into your broader community of stakeholders. For every six paid participants, we will provide you with one free tuition for you to invite someone from your network. They can be a community or business partner, a leader from your own or a neighbouring community, a vendor or supplier to your organization, or a key client, investor, or any stakeholder.

Pricing Information

Pricing does not include travel and living expenses. Travel is billed at $0.50/kilometer OR per your standard organizational policy. Flights, hotels, and meals are billed as a straight reimbursement of expenses with receipts, with a maximum based on any existing organizational policies you have. There is no mark-up or administrative charge for travel and living, and those expenses will be the same as if your employees were travelling.

Unstoppable Conversations Details

Unstoppable Conversations delivers professional and organizational learning, development, and training in the following areas: Leadership, Culture, Change, Difficult Conversations. We have operated in Western Canada, based in Edmonton, Alberta since 2011 providing training to corporations, non-profits, institutions, and all three levels of government.

Below are some of our clients:

Delivery Partners

Senior Delivery Partners (Primary Instructors)

Senior Delivery Partners have a minimum of 10+ years of delivering professional training and development, and a minimum of 1000 hours of study and practice in specific coaching and facilitation techniques relevant to these courses.

Vik Maraj

Vik Maraj

Vik is a founding partner of Unstoppable Conversations, TEDx speaker, and an internationally recognized coach in leadership and human performance. He has an extensive background in negotiation, conflict management and corporate leadership and has transformed the effectiveness and lives of thousands of leaders around the world.

Kevin Gangel

Kevin Gangel

Kevin is a founding partner of Unstoppable Conversations as well as, an entrepreneur, angel investor and social enterprise champion. He has an extensive background in negotiation, conflict management, sales, corporate leadership, and NPO Governance and is an advocate for the environment, social justice, and corporate social responsibility.

Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy is a Partner at Unstoppable Conversations and stands for Feminine Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise. She has extensive executive coaching experience in human performance, specializing in the areas of leadership, communication and team alignment. Deborah is proud to have transformed the effectiveness of hundreds of leaders in North America.

Delivery Partners (Secondary Instructors)

Delivery Partners (Wendy Schneider, Tanyss Munro, Tabetha White) have a minimum of 2+ years of delivering professional training and development, and a minimum of 400 hours of study and practice in specific coaching and facilitation techniques relevant to these courses.

Course Objectives

  • Discovery of the current cultural “Default Context”—the invisible version of “survival mode” that runs the show when the team experiences pressure, criticism, or other forms of social threat.
  • Discovery of the “Predictable Future” of the organization and the team should that Default Context stay in place.
  • The opportunity to choose the predictable, and incremental, future that your current culture will reliably produce (which we call “a better yesterday”) or to go after a future that is bigger and bolder than what the team currently sees as possible
  • Creation and Articulation of a new Noble Cause, a promise to the world of the impact you are out to create, and an answer to the question “Why do you exist as an organization?”
  • Creation of custom “Design Thinking” as a new paradigm to drive action and performance within the organization
  • The ability to share the noble cause with stakeholders, customers, and partners in a way that leaves them touched, moved and inspired by who you are in the world.
  • A conversational model that is reliable to shift any set of circumstances and increase the quality and effectiveness of any relationship, both at the individual and group level.
  • Increased affinity, clarity, harmony, and effectiveness within the team
  • A dramatic increase in the team’s sense of purpose
  • The ability of the team to share the organizational story in new ways that leave others inspired and in action in new partnerships.
  • New context-based planning tools with the ability to drive strategic outcomes inside of the Noble Cause
  • New and surprising levels of authenticity in team communication and interaction
  • Dramatic increases in individual and team levels of integrity with each other in a way that is directly linked to performance.
  • Increased accountability and responsibility that has team members drive each other’s performance in a way that works for everyone

Intended Learning Outcomes for Module 1

  1. Ability to distinguish a person’s Worldview, Mental Model, and Frame of Reference in any situation or conversation
  2. Ability to distinguish between Context and Content
  3. Capacity to forecast various outcomes and results generated from various Mental Models and choose different Mental Models for different situations.
  4. Conversational skill in being able to identify and articulate the underlying commitment within a given situation of conversation and being able to skillfully “cut to the heart” of the situation.

Intended Learning Outcomes for Module 2

  1. Ability to distinguish the common misinterpretations that cause conflict and tension in communication, and to interrupt conversations to head off conflict, resolve issues, and create workability in difficult or complex conversations.
  2. Ability to plan actions and outcomes for multi-stakeholder projects and initiatives.
  3. Increased Confidence, Trust, and Affinity with the group
  4. Increased skill in communications, conflict resolution, and performance against goals.

Intended Learning Outcomes for Module 3

  1. Pragmatic application of context-based leadership tools as applied in real life to everyday situations in teams and organizations.
  2. Ability to be flexible and adaptive in the use of tools in challenging circumstances and difficult situations.
  3. Increased performance and skill in disrupting ineffective personal and team patterns and in breaking through historical barriers of performance.
  4. Increased ability to identify blind-spots in oneself and in others, and effective ways to offer new approaches and generate strategies and tactics not previously considered.

How Participants Receive Instruction

The course is presented in person by one or more instructors and includes both live classroom training and live-video webinars for face-to-face interaction.  Teaching methods include the following: Presentation of leadership and communication models; Group Inquiry; Pair-work to practice concepts; Socratic method questioning; Individual writing exercises; Role-play.

Module Contents:

Module One

  1. Context-based Leadership
  2. The predictable future inside your current culture
  3. Choosing the predictable future vs. the designed future
  4. Noble Cause – your Core Purpose, or Reason for existence as an organization

Module Two

  1. Design Thinking, against the Noble Cause
  2. Interpretation vs. Reality
  3. Transformative Conversations
  4. Design Outcomes for current, relevant projects or initiatives and create ways to measure those outcomes

Module Three

  1. Application of Context-based Leadership to specific leadership challenges the participant is currently facing
  2. Application of specific techniques to disrupt the predictable future and implement change
  3. Implementation skills for forwarding the design future in difficult circumstances
  4. Application of conversational models to share the Noble Cause in either individual or group situations
  5. Design Future Templates, including action generation and measuring outcomes
  6. Application of Interpretation as a way to resolve conflict, increase effectiveness and productivity, and increase clarity.
  7. Role-play and modelling of transformative conversations to increase trust, collaboration, clarity, and ease of communication
  8. Telling Stories and building narrative into sharing the outcomes of the Noble Cause

Assessment of Competency

Assessment of competency in core distinctions of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Bigger than Oneself is done on a 1-5 scale.

Participants are Assessed on a Competency Model of 1-5 for the various skills and tools presented in the course.  Module 1, Context, for example, is measured on a 1-5 scale (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) of a participants ability to distinguish Context (the mental model, worldview, or frame of reference) of a situation from the Content (facts, details, information) of the situation.

There is also a Certificate of Completion awarded for all participants who complete the twenty-one (21) hours of live, face-to-face training.  Participants are required to complete all modules and to complete all requirements for their competency assessment.

Course Structure, Duration and Training hours:

This course is three (3) days in length, 8:30 – 4:30 each day. There are two fifteen-minute breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and a half-hour lunch break each day for live classroom portions of the course.

When any portion is delivered via live-video webinars, the 7 hours of instruction can be delivered in either one full day OR delivered in one-hour to two-hours increments on a weekly basis over 4-8 weeks.

This equates to seven (7) hours of live training for each of three modules for a total of 21 hours of training.

Total training duration/length: 21 hours of instruction, over a time period of 3 days to 8 weeks
Total Training hours: 21 hours

Cost per Person

The cost of the course is $2000/person

Course Capacity

Min: 12

Max 56

What’s it like to participate in this program?

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