Unstoppable Leadership — Non-Profit

Unique to leaders in the Not-for-Profit sector is the fact that organizational goals go beyond a plump bottom line, and that the impact of their organization is measured through societal as well as material change to real people’s lives. As with all complicated endeavours in this sector, the ultimate responsibility for realizing these important goals falls squarely on the shoulders of the organization’s leaders.

Leaders cannot work alone. They create, manage, and work alongside teams. In the best-case scenarios, those teams are fulfilled and present to a sense of purpose. They work together in a sustainable culture where accountability, high performance, collaboration, and the commitment to ‘being of service’ come together.

The Unstoppable Leadership Program empowers participants to create just such an extraordinary organizational culture with a 3-day program that provides the critical underpinnings of effective, sustainable leadership.

Faced with both daily and ongoing challenges presented by having multiple stakeholders and team members coming from many fronts, NPO leaders can often be forced to relegate leadership initiatives to the backburner.

In this program, participants discover reliable access to their own leadership skills in the heat of any situation. They learn to utilize foundational tools to realize on their commitment to creating leaders within their organization. Building upon the idea that shifting organizational culture requires leaders who communicate, support, and inspire their teams, this program empowers leaders to continue their own development in conjunction with the development of their team members.

This is a 3-day leadership program totaling 21 hours of instruction, delivered in live classrooms or in a combination of live classrooms and livestream video webinars.



12 participant minimum

Total Cost per participant for Three-Day Course

$333 plus GST /participant/ day


12 – 24 participants

+ up to 4 community partners

$12,000 plus GST for 12 participants

$24,000 plus GST for 24 participants



25 – 48 participants

+ up to 8 community partners

$36,000 plus GST for 36 participants

$48,000 plus GST for 48 participants

Special offers

We value your ability to create partnerships and extend this learning and its benefits into your broader community of stakeholders. For every six paid participants, we will provide you with one free tuition for you to invite someone from your network. They can be a community or business partner, a leader from your own or a neighbouring community, a vendor or supplier to your organization, or a key client, investor, or any stakeholder.

Pricing Information

Pricing does not include travel and living expenses. Travel is billed at $0.50/kilometer OR per your standard organizational policy. Flights, hotels, and meals are billed as a straight reimbursement of expenses with receipts, with a maximum based on any existing organizational policies you have. There is no mark-up or administrative charge for travel and living, and those expenses will be the same as if your employees were travelling.

Unstoppable Conversations Details

Unstoppable Conversations delivers professional and organizational learning, development, and training in the following areas: Leadership, Culture, Change, Difficult Conversations. We have operated in Western Canada, based in Edmonton, Alberta since 2011 providing training to corporations, non-profits, institutions, and all three levels of government.

Below are some of our clients:

Delivery Partners

Senior Delivery Partners (Primary Instructors)

Senior Delivery Partners have a minimum of 10+ years of delivering professional training and development, and a minimum of 1000 hours of study and practice in specific coaching and facilitation techniques relevant to these courses.

Vik Maraj

Vik Maraj

Vik is a founding partner of Unstoppable Conversations, TEDx speaker, and an internationally recognized coach in leadership and human performance. He has an extensive background in negotiation, conflict management and corporate leadership and has transformed the effectiveness and lives of thousands of leaders around the world.

Kevin Gangel

Kevin Gangel

Kevin is a founding partner of Unstoppable Conversations as well as, an entrepreneur, angel investor and social enterprise champion. He has an extensive background in negotiation, conflict management, sales, corporate leadership, and NPO Governance and is an advocate for the environment, social justice, and corporate social responsibility.

Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy is a Partner at Unstoppable Conversations and stands for Feminine Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise. She has extensive executive coaching experience in human performance, specializing in the areas of leadership, communication and team alignment. Deborah is proud to have transformed the effectiveness of hundreds of leaders in North America.

Delivery Partners (Secondary Instructors)

Delivery Partners (Wendy Schneider, Tanyss Munro, Tabetha White) have a minimum of 2+ years of delivering professional training and development, and a minimum of 400 hours of study and practice in specific coaching and facilitation techniques relevant to these courses.

Course Objectives

  • Training in foundational leadership distinctions
  • Application of these foundational tools to the business performance outcomes that matter most to program participants
  • Discovery of access to performance as a leader
  • Discovery of how leaders are being when they are leading
  • Discovery of what kinds of action and speaking are included in leadership and what kinds of action and speaking are not included in leadership
  • Capacity to bring leadership to any situation, even and especially those for which one feels unprepared
  • Performance feedback on real-life leadership actions taken during the program and between program sessions

Intended Learning Outcomes for Module 1

  • Discovery of basic performance constraints in businesses and organizations
  • Discovery and application of Integrity as a basic foundation of human and organizational performance
  • Understanding and internalizing various levels at which Integrity exists inside of:
    • communication
    • system design
    • process design
    • team dynamics
    • organizational design
  • Discovery of how one’s internal dialogue limits communication and performance
  • Techniques to shift one’s internal dialogue in ways which directly impact efficiency and effectiveness

Intended Learning Outcomes for Module 2

  • Discovery of the specific ways which listening changes depending on different people and situations
    • Discover the specific ways this mutable listening impacts communications
  • Practice in new ways of listening that allows one to hear the foundation of others’ communications
  • Exploration of the meaning of “survival mode” and how it manifests specifically for individuals
  • Ability to diagnose and interrupt one’s own version of “survival mode”
  • Ability to recognize how and when a strength becomes a weakness
  • Capacity for new ways in which to relate to team members, fostering trust and empathy
  • Discovery of the three leadership traits unconsciously chosen as “normal operating state” as a leader
    • Discover the limitations of these traits
  • Development of an expanded range of choices in dealing with any person, any group, and any leadership situation
  • Ability to determine where Responsibility is present and where it is missing in personal performance and in team performance
  • Ability to raise the level of accountability in teams and individuals, with efficiency wherever needed

Intended Learning Outcomes for Module 3

  • Discovery of how the human brain attempts to predict the future and fails
  • Disruption of the fear of failure and overcoming the way it limits risk taking
  • Discovery of the difference between obligation and choice and
    • Discovery of how this difference empowers innovation and performance
  • Capacity to take on new and bigger things without being overwhelmed
  • Increased capacity to perform without stress when taking on historically unpleasant roles
  • Discovery of what gets in the way of acting and speaking consistently from core values
  • Continual capacity to create new ways to fulfill on core values, including:
    • resilience in the face of failure
    • speaking truth to power
    • bringing playfulness and humor to serious or dramatic situations
  • Capacity to leave the baggage of past experiences behind and come to new initiatives and new relationships with a clean slate

How Participants Receive Instruction

The program is presented in person by one or more instructors and can include a combination of  both live classroom training and livestream video webinars for face-to-face interaction. Teaching methods include the following: Presentation of leadership and communication models; Group Inquiry; Pair-work to practice concepts; Socratic method questioning; Individual writing exercises; Role-play.

Module Contents:

Module One

  1. Default Context
  2. Predictable Future
  3. Integrity as the foundation for workability
  4. Integrity as the basis for a high-performing culture
  5. Internal Dialogue and its limitations
  6. The power of giving one’s word to something

Module Two

  1. The “sea of opinions” that drives most conversations
  2. Where “pressure” comes from in conversations
  3. Freedom from stress, anxiety, and worry in human communication
  4. Untangling the content of conversations from the context of conversations
  5. Getting clear on what’s reality in one’s conversations and what one has made up to fit personal perspective.
  6. Turning off the automaticity of one’s ineffective “knee jerk” reactions
  7. Expanding the three predictable ways one deals with every leadership situation
  8. Developing agency and power in dealing with leadership situations where one is historically ineffective
  9. Distinguishing between Responsibility and Accountability, and how each drives team performance in different ways
  10. Removing blame from leadership and performance

Module Three

  1. The neuroscience of prediction and how it derails authentic communication
  2. Going beyond fear of failure to take critical and necessary action in the face of uncertainty
  3. Distinguishing between obligation and free will
  4. Gaining access to making powerful performance promises free from anxiety and regret
  5. Shaping performance for leaders and teams inside a worldview consistent with created goals, outcomes, and measures
  6. Taking action from core values
  7. Moving on to one’s next set of goals free from the baggage of past failure and success

Assessment of Competency

Assessment of competency occurs within four core distinctions: Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, and Bigger than Oneself. Assessment is done on a 1-5 scale, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest level of competency.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded to all participants who complete the twenty-one (21) hours of live, face-to-face training. Participants are required to complete all modules and to complete all requirements in order to be assessed for competency.

Course Structure, Duration and Training hours:

The full program totals twenty-one (21) hours of instruction. This equates to seven (7) hours of live training for each of three modules.

Live classroom instruction

Each module is covered in the course of one day; three modules = three days.

Each instructional day runs from 8:30AM to 4:30PM, with one 30-minute lunch break, one 15-minute morning break, and one 15-minute afternoon break.

Livestream video webinar instruction

When any portion is delivered via livestream video webinar, the instruction can be delivered in one full day, just like live classroom instruction, OR delivered over several weeks in hourly increments.

Total training duration/length: From 3 days to 8 weeks (see explanation above)
Total Training hours: 21 hours

Cost per Person

The cost of the course is $1000 plus GST per participant.

Course Capacity

Min: 12

Max 56