Who we serve

We focus on leaders and teams who are not satisfied with the status quo and are looking for the next level of performance.

Our clients represent the most critical elements of business, government, and society, including:  municipal, state/provincial, and federal government, economic well-being, agriculture, health, environment, sustainability, financial, construction, Information technology, and a broad range of not for profit sectors.

Our deep expertise in culture, leadership, implementation of change, group dynamics, conflict, multi-stakeholder engagement, and executive coaching have allowed us to make a lasting impact from individual CEOs and other leaders to keynotes with thousands of people in the room at one time.

To empower them in being unstoppable in the face of any circumstance, our approach is one of discovery as opposed to diagnosis.

Rather than fill you up with theories about how to emulate some other organizations success, rather than give you a new strategy on top of the last strategy that was never fully implemented, rather than give you a binder of Top 10 lists to gather dust on a shelf, rather than give you a better way to describe each other and how your styles are different, we offer something completely unique.

We offer you a process that allows you to tangibly reverse engineer “what’s in the water” that is  the barrier to breaking through to the next level of performance.

Vik was a great presenter. It was great information which was provided and will help my role as a Project Manager.

Ayeesha Kassam
Thermal Systems

Government & NGO

Government teams deal with a unique set of circumstances that get in the way of getting the job done with power and velocity.

What’s the impact of the political cycle, staying out of the newspaper, dealing with a new re-organization effort more than once every twelve months?


The corporate world has conquered most every challenge it’s ever faced.

So why is sustained innovation, deeply embedded personal accountability for results, and reliable leadership at every level so hard to find?

First Nations

Our work with the First Nations of Canada is extensive. Vik has been a core instructor in the Aboriginal Leadership Development Program held in Whitehorse for the last 6 years.

Non Profit

The not-for-profit sector is faced with many unique challenges and opportunities.

Like any sector, the embedded culture and way of thinking that has gotten the sector to it’s current level of success is also the barrier to the next level of success.