The corporate world has conquered most every challenge it’s ever faced.

So why is sustained innovation, deeply embedded personal accountability for results, and reliable leadership at every level so hard to find?

Why are you satisfied with 8-10% growth and scrapping it out with the competitor across the street and the guy in the next cubicle, instead of driving together for the next thing that will change the face of your business forever.

Most of the carefully word-smithed mission and vision statements are generic and could be swapped.  What would it be like to have a Core Purpose that everyone in the business was related to as something bigger than themselves, making punishment and reward systems obsolete.

World class teams lead up and down. They drive innovation from every area of the company. They relish the tough conversations and they don’t need a 360 because people speak the truth All The Time in a way that delivers results while simultaneously adding value to the future relationship between all parties.

We deliver leadership and organizational development that unlocks the latent power of all your top performers. This context-based training gives you access to the current limit on innovation and growth so that you can deal with it in a practical, actionable manner.

Many corporations are satisfied with 8-10% growth year over year, keeping the lights on, and not screwing anything up. Other companies are looking to create new markets, innovate well in advance of outside forces driving change, and drive a culture of leadership and innovation that delivers results at all levels.

By going after the existing culture that both delivers your current results and embeds your current constraints, you’ll tap into the kind of methodology that drives 30%+ annual growth, embeds innovation and responsible risk-taking into the DNA of the organization, and has leadership occur naturally at all levels of the organization.

Our process has you personally discover the culture you didn’t know you had, and turns it into a practical tool that can be put to use driving value out of every internal and external relationship.

The result of going after the group paradigm and then actively redesigning it from a fresh slate is a culture of straight talk, ever increasing trust, innovation and accountability for results.

Kevin was the first to to fully engage us on a human level, help us see beyond our self-imposed barriers and communicate on an entirely new and beneficial level.

Kevin Gangel has been an absolutely valuable asset to our company. His innate style of gently coaching us through our preconceptions has created a great deal of freedom and advancement in our daily business activities. Further, and as it coincides with our core business philosophies, Kevin's humanistic approach to business has enabled us to create entirely new realities for our company in a very short period of time.

I have had many consultants come and go through our company that have provided advice in disconnected chunks or have simply relied upon their credentials as the sole validation of their statements. Kevin was the first to to fully engage us on a human level, help us see beyond our self-imposed barriers and communicate on an entirely new and beneficial level. Simply, if you are looking to make a positive and permanent change to your company, look no further."

"If asked, "would you recommend the services offered by Kevin's company", the answer would be a definite and very strong, "YES".

Guy Meyer
CEO - Optilume Engineered Light Corporation

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