First Nations

Our work with the First Nations of Canada is extensive.

Vik has been a core instructor in the Aboriginal Leadership Development Program held in Whitehorse for the last 6 years.

His work with  Nunavumiut has catalyzed the first Nunavut Food Strategy to ensure food security for the north, garnering the attention of the BBC, the involvement of the Auditor General of Canada, a direct visit from the Dutchess of York, and 21, 000 facebook members.

We have had the privilege of working with the Nichi Institute to impact their organizational culture to elevate their performance in training and educating addictions counselors.

We have had the honour and profound privilege of dramatically diminishing the staggering impact of the residential school experience for first nations peoples across our country; leaving many with a whole new future to go for what is truly possible without the limitations of past.

The geographic scope of out involvement has encompassed almost all of Canada;  from Mi’kmaq to Haida Gwai to the DehCho peoples to the Blackfoot Nation our love and commitment for one of Canada’s most most critical assets, it’s First Nations, is limitless.

for exploring the bold approach to heaviest but most important battles inside of myself

If you don’t want to complain always about life being unfair to you anymore, you should find the way out of that paradigm. It's not an easy job, it's definitely faraway out of comfort zone, where you will find out what you don’t know, that you don’t know. Crazy enough? In that land of unknown its for sure better to arrive with a good, friendly and loving insider guide. A person whom you will trust deeply and love to see him again.Thank you VIK for guiding me to better relations with everybody around me and for exploring the bold approach to heaviest but most important battles inside of myself.I am looking forward to go again a bit further next time!

Robert S
Co-founder Wings4U