Government teams deal with a unique set of circumstances that get in the way of getting the job done with power and velocity.

What’s the impact of the political cycle, staying out of the newspaper, dealing with a new re-organization effort more than once every twelve months?

How do you keep people empowered in a hierarchical power structure that says it wants innovation but continues to operate like innovation is the last thing that will be supported in the culture? In the historical, past-based, reactionary management structure that results in those conditions, risk taking is suppressed and innovation is seen only as a chance to ‘get in trouble’ when the hierarchy is upset.

We deliver a profoundly simple model of leadership and cultural development that impacts the very fabric of how government teams work together and produce results.

We start with what you say is in the way of achieving on your public mandate and you quickly discover that it’s something else entirely that has unprecedented power to produce a replicable and sustainable shift in the effectiveness of your team, department, and your sector.

This is for teams at all levels of government (Federal, State and Provincial, Municipal) looking to escape the cycle of conflicting priorities, lack of accountability, flavour of the month tools and strategies, and waiting out the next election cycle.

You joined government for a reason, to make an impact on society, and you’re looking for what’s in the way of that deep commitment so that you can deliver on the future you know the world is looking for.

By acquiring a set of tools that empower every training course your team has ever attended, and striking at the heart of what stops implementation of your best plans and project outcomes, your team will be reinvigorated to achieve on their potential and deliver what their clients and stakeholders most need.

The result of a more foundation approach to leadership will be a sustainable shift in your ability to produce results and stay effective no matter what they system throws your way.

that resulted in a strengthened team and shifted our working relationship

Unstoppable Conversations … is highly skilled at transforming relationships. I reached out to Unstoppable Conversations to lead a critical partnering session between our organization and two other parties who were contractually bound to work together, but whose project aspirations were not aligned. Trust between us was the key ingredient that, sadly, was missing. They navigated us through some difficult but ultimately productive discourse that resulted in a strengthened team and shifted our working relationship - allowing us to move forward. I would highly recommend Unstoppable Conversations to anyone wishing to strengthen relationships through engaging and transformative conversations.

Bill Chomik
Principal at Kasian Architects

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