Non Profit

The not-for-profit sector is faced with many unique challenges and opportunities.

Like any sector, the embedded culture and way of thinking that has gotten the sector to it’s current level of success is also the barrier to the next level of success.

Inside a highly competitive model where every other NPO is a collaborator by day and a threat to your funding by night, how do you join in a collective voice to innovate together?

Inside a culture of sacrifice, high turnover, long hours for lower than average pay, and a chip on the shoulder about being undervalued by government and funders, how to continue to do more and more with less resources, while you keep people connected to their ability to change the world through their efforts.

We deliver ground breaking leadership development for NPO and NGO groups who are already effective at Service Delivery and are looking to create the true and lasting impact they know they are capable of.

NPOs are looking for What’s Next beyond the usual fare: yet another strategic plan that won’t shift the future; yet another board retreat that rehashes the same set of concerns, personal agendas, and sacred cows; yet another stakeholder engagement with cards held close to the chest and a fear of risk getting in the way of authentic collaboration and collective voice.

By going after the pre-existing paradigm inherent in the sector, and the personal flavor of your teams group think and team paradigm, we give you an opening to unparalleled results, implementation, and impact toward fulfillment your Core Purpose.

The result of this foundational approach is to empower all your preexisting  tools, strategies, and resources and leave you naturally leveraging resources you’ve unwittingly ignored up to this point. You’ll realize the power your team has to be unstoppable in the face of any circumstance, and to stay in action impacting the worlds most intractable problems.

Kevin was the first to to fully engage us on a human level, help us see beyond our self-imposed barriers and communicate on an entirely new and beneficial level.

Kevin Gangel has been an absolutely valuable asset to our company. His innate style of gently coaching us through our preconceptions has created a great deal of freedom and advancement in our daily business activities. Further, and as it coincides with our core business philosophies, Kevin's humanistic approach to business has enabled us to create entirely new realities for our company in a very short period of time.

I have had many consultants come and go through our company that have provided advice in disconnected chunks or have simply relied upon their credentials as the sole validation of their statements. Kevin was the first to to fully engage us on a human level, help us see beyond our self-imposed barriers and communicate on an entirely new and beneficial level. Simply, if you are looking to make a positive and permanent change to your company, look no further."

"If asked, "would you recommend the services offered by Kevin's company", the answer would be a definite and very strong, "YES".

Guy Meyer
CEO - Optilume Engineered Light Corporation

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