Our Purpose

to cause leadership for a transformed world, empowering individuals, and organizations to create unstoppable performance.

Kevin Gangel

Kevin is a founding partner of Unstoppable Conversations as well as an entrepreneur, angel investor and social enterprise champion. He has an extensive background  in negotiation, conflict management, sales, corporate leadership, and NPO Governance and is an advocate for  the environment, social justice, and corporate social responsibility.

Vik Maraj

Vik is a founding partner of Unstoppable Conversations, TEDx speaker, and an internationally recognized coach in leadership and human performance. He has an extensive background  in negotiation, conflict management and corporate leadership and has transformed the effectiveness and lives of thousands of leaders around the world.

Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy is a Partner at Unstoppable Conversations and stands for Feminine Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise. She has extensive executive coaching experience in human performance, specializing in the areas of leadership, communication and team alignment. Deborah is proud to have transformed the effectiveness of hundreds of leaders in North America.

What our clients say!

I just finished listening to a interview with Vik Maraj from Unstoppable Conversations. I do think it is fundamentally different from what much change management literature is saying. Mainly because it goes to the heart of what it means to be a human being and what motivates people from the inside in a non-contrived way.


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