In our talks, everything you think you know is at risk. Welcome to your wake-up call.

What does it take to leave an audience altered?

Our uncompromisingly authentic delivery is a pathway to discovering the pervasive and invisible worldview you are currently trapped inside of. When you shift your own perspective by looking at the human and organizational potential in a way you never considered, you create your own groundbreaking eureka moment. Audiences leave with a permanent awakening to what lies beyond the ordinariness that most organizations and people tolerate.

Why Unstoppable

The source of our powerful content is our day-to-day work with organizations and people. Every day we engage our training in neuroscience, ontology, high-stakes conflict resolution, dynamic group process, and design thinking, to dig into what's REALLY between people and performance.

Vik Maraj

Vik is all about cracking people open and the transformation of the human condition that leads to unbelievable shifts in the way we think.

Vik Maraj
Kevin Gangel

Kevin Gangel

Kevin is all about taking action to solve the world’s biggest problems and creating massive social impact.

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