Thought Leadership

In the third edition of this series, Unstoppable co-founders Vikram Maraj and Kevin Gangel deep-dive into courage and how it enables new ways of operating and creates breakthroughs in our most challenging situations.

Critical Leadership Skills Series: Courage

In the second installment of this series, Unstoppable co-founders Kevin Gangel and Vikram Maraj deep-dive into Unstoppable’s definition of responsibility and how it can unlock personal power, agency, and innovation.

Critical Leadership Skills Series: Responsibility

As a nonprofit leader, you understand that the nonprofit sector is a dynamic world of ever-shifting needs, trends, and best practices. To navigate it successfully, you’ll need a little help with steering the ship through smooth and rough waters alike. That’s where your nonprofit’s managers come in. They’ll ensure that your organization stays its course

Investing in Nonprofit Managers: A Quick Guide for Success

In the first edition of this series, Unstoppable co-founders Vikram Maraj and Kevin Gangel deep-dive into authenticity and how it can unlock limitless success and fulfillment.

Critical Leadership Skills Series: Authenticity 

Real change is tough to come by. Often, leaders want to change one small thing… One process, one piece of technology, one vendor — but those incremental shifts ultimately do not make a difference. According to Unstoppable co-founder Vik Maraj, change management fails because leaders are too afraid to make the rapid, systemic change needed for businesses to adapt and thrive.

Why Most Change Management Fails — and How to Do Better

So much about our modern society simply DOES NOT WORK. With heightened political tensions, an erratic economy, the rise of AI technology, and more — we need to realize that yesterday’s strategies belong in the past. The prospect of change can be destabilizing, but it’s time for a transformative shift.

Why is Leadership in Crisis?

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