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Communication is the currency of all human transaction.  Anywhere you lack results, anywhere there is resignation, anywhere there is tension or conflict, something is

Norman Yakeleya, National Chief of the Dene Nation  Being A Leader is a unique transformational program that leaves participants with the capacity and tools to

Change is upon us in a way we’ve never known. Certainty, Order, your Future…all gone. As leaders, as human beings, we aren’t designed to

The Priests come in soon, but first you've got to get this point.  Here is the thing about you as a leader. You are

Rumors and their devastating impact inevitably arise from almost all significant public sector change. For instance, when any government department is faced with change

There are many kinds of difficult people: Complainers, Snipers, The Silent Dominator, Liars, Pleasers, and many more. However, let’s focus on one specific family

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