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In professional discourse, an important distinction is often made between “leadership” and “management.” In practice, however, the business world tends to collapse the two. Defining and understanding these distinct skill sets is critical — especially considering that leadership is actually an “opposite yet complementary function to management,” according to Unstoppable co-founder Vikram Maraj.  For anyone

Leadership vs Management Part 1: Finding the Harmony 

Mental well-being is an issue that affects every corporation, every professional leader, and every worker today. And yet, the conversation has often overlooked what I deem an essential feature of the mental health landscape.

Authenticity’s Role in Mental Well-being

In the fourth and final edition of this series, Unstoppable co-founders Vikram Maraj and Kevin Gangel deep-dive into the notion of adaptability, turning it on its head to unlock a game-changing approach to success.

Critical Leadership Skills Series: Adaptability

In the third edition of this series, Unstoppable co-founders Vikram Maraj and Kevin Gangel deep-dive into courage and how it enables new ways of operating and creates breakthroughs in our most challenging situations.

Critical Leadership Skills Series: Courage

In the second installment of this series, Unstoppable co-founders Kevin Gangel and Vikram Maraj deep-dive into Unstoppable’s definition of responsibility and how it can unlock personal power, agency, and innovation.

Critical Leadership Skills Series: Responsibility

As a nonprofit leader, you understand that the nonprofit sector is a dynamic world of ever-shifting needs, trends, and best practices. To navigate it successfully, you’ll need a little help with steering the ship through smooth and rough waters alike. That’s where your nonprofit’s managers come in. They’ll ensure that your organization stays its course

Investing in Nonprofit Managers: A Quick Guide for Success

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