Unstoppable Foundations

Find the hidden drivers flat-lining your results. Break through to a new level of thinking.

Unstoppable Foundations

Find the hidden drivers flat-lining your results. Break through to a new level of thinking.

Unstoppable Conversations Foundation Course

What’s different about this program?

You’ll see how the past is destroying your organization. You get to the root cause of what is holding you back and create a surprisingly powerful path to the future.

Our Promise

You will change both professionally and personally. You will catalyze transformations in communities, organizations, and businesses.


A 3-day leadership program, delivered via Zoom webinars or in-person.

How we make an impact


A public institution, an architect, and a general contractor successfully keep their names out of the papers and resolve a $250M dispute in a single afternoon.


A two-year union dispute is resolved in a single conversation, saving $100K in 20 minutes.


You’ll be shocked by how quickly people are able to speak and listen to the truth. You’ll discover in real-time the invisible paradigm that’s been running the show. You’ll test that paradigm against the future and what you really want for your organization. You will leave the session having answered this question more deeply than anything you thought possible: why do you exist as a team and as an organization? And you’ll walk out having created a unique custom paradigm that specifically delivers on the answer to that question.

Within this framework, you can evaluate the current effectiveness of relationships and communication. Your team will emerge with a common language and context for leadership that empowers you to acknowledge and deal with the reality of the organization. You will discover new, previously unseen pathways for addressing old issues—issues which you’re then able to resolve rapidly, clearing the way for seemingly impossible results. 

Expected outcomes

  • Newfound sense of purpose and excitement for the future
  • The ability to say what needs to be said and for everyone to feel heard
  • Being effective and feeling settled in difficult conversations
  • Speed and power in getting things done together
  • Confidence to go after bigger things and take on more risk
  • Peace of mind during turbulent change
  • A new way to share your vision and commitment with customers and stakeholders
  • A powerful shared pathway for fulfilling on what’s most important
  • Greater team alignment than you’ve ever experienced


Pricing varies. Book a consult to inquire.

"The changes seen from our sessions were immediate... Our meetings were more open and engaging and everyone was willing to share... The sessions taught me that the power for change is within and when this is addressed within a community the opportunities are endless."

Trisha Sewell

Economic Development Officer
Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation

Economic Development OfficerCactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation

Course syllabus

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Meet Our Team

Since 2011, our team has been working shoulder to shoulder with leaders and organizations to turn weakness into strength. We won’t make it easy on you, but trust us, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Transformative Results


New and permanent revenue stream

The CNIB Foundation is a national non-profit agency that had a 98-year-old charitable business model that wasn't a fit for the future. Executive leadership was unable to rapidly adapt because they couldn’t come to agreement with the board. They created a new context called “Pick a Fight” as a way to break them out of their unwillingness to “rock the boat.”

John Rafferty

President and CEO, CNIB

Let go of your dream, so you can reinvent a new one.

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You have it in you to succeed. But knowing that may still not be enough.