Traditional consulting identifies the superficial reasons for what’s wrong, then provides cookie-cutter ways to fix them. We uncover the real source of your organization's failures and transform them.

What’s different about consulting with Unstoppable?

We don’t tell you what’s wrong and then fix you.

We empower your natural capacity to make the transformation you know is needed.

Our Promise

Your organization will be empowered by a profound capacity to assess, name and impact the culture of the organization, to shift the actions and behaviours of others and, most importantly, to understand your own preset paradigm.


Customized according to your organization's needs, 3-12 months. Delivered online via Zoom meeting or in-person.


Pricing varies. Book a consult to inquire.

How we make an impact

1 call

A single conversation repaired a relationship with the organization's single largest client when they had already decided to leave for the competition

15 years

The Mayors of several municipalities “created a multi-party shared services agreement in a few months that we’d been arguing over for 15 years”

1 voice

A nation of people “speaking with one voice” for the first time in 50 years

Turn obstacles into opportunities.

Heroes are ordinary people up to extraordinary things.

Meet Our Team

Since 2011, our team has been working shoulder to shoulder with leaders and organizations to turn weakness into strength. We won’t make it easy on you, but trust us, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Transformative Results

3x Community Hubs

Innovation that ensured they thrive in the face of competition.

Lululemon, one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, had several competitors along with online platforms that were taking a pound of flesh out of brick-and-mortar retailers. We used our unique methodology to help them discover the constraints in their leadership and thinking, share their attachments to certain tried-and-true concepts so that they could let go of all their past dreams to create a new breakthrough concept.

Lululemon Logo

Let go of your dream, so you can reinvent a new one.

Unstoppable Clients Making an Impact