Meet Vik Maraj

Vik coaches global leaders to unprecedented levels of influence and impact. His work has dramatically shifted results and the future for governments, corporations, boards, and NGOs. His clients have gone on to make a significant difference in their communities, institutions, and their societies. His work has transformed the quality of thousands of children’s lives by altering the capacity of senior leaders in the United Nations’ UNESCO to end a decade’s long difference between their New York and Paris locations. Vik has enabled the elimination of food poverty in the high Arctic by empowering Inuit women to take a stand for their future. He has broken a deadlocked four billion dollar international impasse on capturing carbon and climate change by bringing executives, in some of the world’s largest energy companies, together with university academics and government bureaucrats in an almost unthinkable collaboration.

Within his broad skill-set Vik has also taught the critical aspects of hostage negotiation to Canada’s national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He has trained Ministers, National Ambassadors, and Multinational CEOs. His current clients include the global athletics clothing giant Lululemon and Leaders in the Nation of Slovakia.

Most impressive of all, Vik can wiggle his little toes independent of his other toes and apologizes for self-aggrandizing biographies written in the third person that are clearly authored by the subject of said biography!

 Watch Vik at TEDx Edmonton delivering a keynote presentation

Portions of this talk are derived from the work of Werner Erhard and are used with permission