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A 98-year-old charitable foundation reinvents its business model to secure a permanent revenue stream.


Market pressure, rapidly changing technology, and shifting demographics were leaving the CNIB struggling to keep up with a dramatic increase in people dealing with blindness and vision loss as the “grey wave” continued to shape health care.


An unprecedented series of honest and disruptive conversations including national executives, regional leaders, and board members was required to confront the end of the paradigm, 98 years of a successful business practice inside a traditional model.


After almost a century operating inside the same philanthropic model, executives, the board, and management shifted their focus to vision loss services becoming a basic human right — a history-making moment.

Metal Building


New annual revenue stream, equivalent to a of 5% EBITDA increase in an equally-sized for-profit organization


Saved in a single 20-minute conversation

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“The Course has awakened my “true spirit” and re-connected [me] to who I am as a leader and to express my leadership as nature intended it to be.”

Norman Yakeleya - National Chief of the Dene Nation

Norman Yakeleya

National Chief of the Dene Nation

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