How an innovative Lululemon retail concept transformed and secured their future brand position.


Lululemon, one of the fastest-growing companies in the world had several serious competitors, in the athleisure clothing market - along with Amazon, whose online shopping platform was taking a pound of flesh out of all brick-and-mortar retailers.


The Weakness-to-power approach allowed then to discover hidden constraints in their leadership and thinking. They discovered what past conversations they were trapped in that limited the fullest possibilities of their creativity for what retail could be.


The experience was one of “clearing the slate.” And in just under four hours, the group was able to come together with a breakthrough concept called the “Community Hub.” This concept has not just reinvented Lululemon, but has impacted the entire retail industry.

1 concept

Innovative “Community Hub” concept, creating an in-person brand experience that could not be cannibalized by e-commerce

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“This transformation in our leadership added to our bottom line and for the first time in three years we are looking at once again having a substantial profit in an economy where many are fighting for their corporate lives.”

Glenise Harvey

Co-Owner, A&H Steel

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