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A&H Steel pivoted its approach and uncovered hidden limitations that turned a projected loss into a significant profit.


One of A&H Steel’s largest projects was losing money at an alarming rate and for the first time in its 40-year history, closing the doors was an ever-increasing possibility.


Owners made a radical choice to double down on training with Unstoppable. Using this unique methodology, A&H Leaders let go of their “nice guy” mentality and began deliberately creating and implementing a context for collaboration and integrity centered on “win-win or no deal.” Their flexibility would no longer go uncompensated and they would no longer take the hit for their partners’ failure to perform.


Within 6 months of Unstoppable’s work with A&H on their largest project to date, A&H turned a daunting projected loss into millions in profit.

6 months

Turned a projected loss into millions in profit.

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“This transformation in our leadership added to our bottom line and for the first time in three years we are looking at once again having a substantial profit in an economy where many are fighting for their corporate lives.”

Glenise Harvey

Co-Owner, A&H Steel

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