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For all the resources that organizations pour into changing, there is hardly a difference in their results. We show you how to make quantum leaps.

Unstoppable Programs

Most corporate training creates leaders who are book smart. Our programs produce people who naturally adapt and think through any challenge without needing a formula.

Unstoppable Foundation Program

Unstoppable Foundations

Find the hidden drivers flat-lining your results. Breakthrough to a new level of thinking.

Unstoppable Leadership Program

Unstoppable Leadership

In this program, teams confront and let go of their assumptions, the same ones that have been holding them back for years.

Unstoppable Communication Course

Unstoppable Communication

You’ll be shocked by how little of what you hear is what was actually said. Teams awake to a whole new capacity for communication.

Unstoppable Sales Program


Discover the real reason why they’re not buying “you.” See what’s been hidden from your view and break through the limit on your sales. 


Traditional consulting identifies the superficial reasons for what’s wrong, then provides cookie-cutter ways to fix them. We uncover the real source of your organization's failures and transform them.


You can trust us to tell you what you may not want to hear, to break into a new level of performance.

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Vik Maraj of Unstoppable Conversations in the frey


In our talks, everything you think you know is at risk. They challenge the taken-for-granted approaches at the root of most organizational failures. It’s impossible to leave our keynotes without being excited about what is now possible. 

Transformative Results


New and permanent revenue stream

The CNIB Foundation is a national non-profit agency that had a 98-year-old charitable business model that wasn't a fit for the future. Executive leadership was unable to rapidly adapt because they couldn’t come to agreement with the board. They created a new context called “Pick a Fight” as a way to break them out of their unwillingness to “rock the boat.”

John Rafferty

President and CEO, CNIB

Let go of your dream, so you can reinvent a new one.

Unstoppable Clients Making an Impact

If not now, when?

There will never be a better time. The future won’t wait. Why do you?